Our two platforms cater to slightly different trading requirements: 

The REF Trader platform caters more to the professional or institutional style trader that might want to set a larger pre-determined trade size amount, and therefore have an accurate indication of the execution price for such a trade, given by the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) indication. The REF Trader platform also provides information around the current interest through the platform at levels either side of the current price.

The MT4 platform that we offer is the world's most popular retail client trading platform and provides all of the features required for creating and leaving orders and trading on the go via the mobile trading application.


River East Trader - (REF Trader)


The River East Trader (REF Trader)  is a fully customizable trading platform that is accessible via the web. Our complete bundle includes advanced trading features, professional charting tools and real-time news feeds. The REF Trader also offers a Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) feature which can be preset to a larger trade volume size, and therefore provide additional price transperancy. 

Main Features

  • VWAP – view your average price for large orders
  • Market Depth – easily view depth of liquidity
  • Customisable workspace with module docking|
  • Speed of Execution

Meta Trader 4 - (MT4)

Our unique MT4 solution accepts all Meta Trader order types, supports Expert Advisor, and enables comprehensive order flow and position management through a streaming interface and comprehensive back office system.


MT4 Functionality:

  • can be used on both PC, MAC, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • MT4 is proven to be fast, accurate, and reliable.
  • supports One Click trading
  • customers only need to click on “sell” or “buy” to trade.
  • supports multiple languages (up to 17) including traditional and simplified Chinese.
  • the platform utilises high level data encryption for security purposes.
  • different levels of leverage can be set up to 1:100
  • offers multiple asset classes: Forex, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Indices.
  • robust, distributed data backup ensured, data recovery is extremely efficient if there are any server issues – a few minutes.
  • easy and quick to download and install.
  • system and trading alerts can be set.
  • stop loss (S/L) and Take Profit (T/P) orders are easily established and set.
  • partial trade closure is possible and simple, allowing dynamic risk management.
  • extensive charting tools are provide.

The following provides a comparison of the 2 available platforms.

Platform Options

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