Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that may help you to get started or address any issues that you may be having:

1. Is it possible to install the MT4 Platform on a MAC computer?
Yes, it is possible to install the MT4 Platform on the MAC OS operating platform. Please go to the following link for instructions on how to :

2. How to apply for a Live Account?
Please check the following link for the detailed information:
Get Started

3. "Account is disabled" error
This means that your real account hasn’t been activated yet. The account will be activated as soon as it is funded. Please note that minimum primary deposit amount for account activation is USD 250.

4. How can I view history of trades?
When MT4 is running, please select the ‘Account History’ tab in ‘Terminal’, right-click, choose the necessary period and choose ‘Save as Report’, by right-click again.
The report will be saved in .html format. If you would like to have an excel document, just copy the data from .html.  

5. How to withdraw funds? How soon I will receive my funds?
Please be informed that to apply for a withdrawal we  kindly ask you to fill out The Withdrawal Request Form send it by e-mail to . Withdrawal will be made same day when we receive your request, however it might take 2-3 working days for the banks to complete the transfer.

6. Can you reset my password?
Sure. For security reason, you are kindly asked to send a request from your personal email, indicated in the application, to 

7. What is the difference between Master and Investor passwords?
Investor Password is a "read-only" password, you can access the account, review balance and running orders but no trade is possible. Please use the Master Password for trade